Consulting Services

The benefit of working with Heather is that services are customized to your needs. With that in mind, here are a few approaches she has used with success in the past:

Targeted Team Training
Group training sessions offer organization-specific content for immediate impact. Heather meets with you to get a sense of the issues you’re seeing and where you’d like improvement. With that information, she designs hands-on workshops targeting those problems. Workshops might tackle a specific internal document or focus on effective workplace communication. Trickier topics like “our institutional voice” can also be addressed.

Communications Support
If outward-facing documents are your concern, Heather can support the growth of your team with trainings on content strategy, audience engagement, and project planning. Workshops might focus on content deliverables (“Writing a Killer Op-Ed”) or skill building (e.g., repurposing content, jargon reduction, storytelling for social impact).

Individual Consultations:
One-on-one consultations accelerate staff improvement by providing direct feedback on live projects. Heather works with team members to develop effective communication habits while improving current projects. She offers on-site appointments, e-consultations, and drop-in hours to meet staff where they are and improve writing outcomes in the long term.

Writing Coaching:
Heather offers one-on-one coaching and professional editing services for documents of all types at any stage in the writing/editing process. She works with clients to create effective documents, including academic articles, dissertations, and manuscripts; promotion and annual review materials; resumes and letters of application; personal website content; grant applications; and more.

Professional Editing Services:
Heather offers remote copyediting and proofreading services for documents of all types.

Contact Heather Martin for more information on consulting packages and services.

image by Victoria Pickering

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